Blocktastica(I made the Art :D )



I added a time mechanic where it slows a little bit down when you destroy a 2 or 3 hit block
The sounds are just randomized notes from ableton(Which I also made but no big deal it’s just piano keys with FX)
My art is kinda ba except for the background which I’m kinda proud of

Everytime you lose you can go back to the previous level or go back to level 1 if you like a higher score

I hardcoded a lot in scenemanager, I hope there’s a tutorial here in the future to avoid hardcoding a lot in (upload://vFwTDz7t2g7Na74h0LG3sTJfpm1.jpeg)

I couldn’t upload the full game here because the max is 10 MB :frowning:



I uploaded it to this site just in case you guys want to play it