Block Plane

I did this before watching the video solution

Since this is actually the first time I posted here so I’m gonna go ahead and introduce myself as well :):

24 years old Software Developer in Plano TX, I mainly focus in .NET and mobile development. I’m also really interested in making video games. In the past (bout 1.5 years ago before graduation), I took an intro to video game programming class in Unity and really enjoyed it (I made a 2d bomberman clone at the end of the course). But then due to job and some other stuffs, I’ve been holding off an urge to dive back in until recently. I picked up Blender to simply learn more about the 3D modelling aspect of video game making while having fun with it via some side projects :). At this point, I actually want to switch to UE4 after reading a couple of reviews online. It doesnt mean I dislike Unity or anything. I simply want to try out the other option before deciding to deep dive into one.
Other than that, I also like to play Hots with my friends or go watch musicals. Typical nerd :smiley:

Hope every one have a wonderful rest of the week :slight_smile:

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