Block Breaker with special bricks


Hi all,

I’ve made some small additions to the game. I’ve added a

  • green brick: when hit this results in the players ball becoming green and doing double damage to the bricks. After 5 hits it becomes normal again.
  • red brick: when hit the players paddle becomes smaller, increasing the difficulty
  • purple brick: an extra purple ball is spawned, it behaves like a normal ball.

game WebGl version is here:

code available here:

Sometimes the game seems to lag a bit making the paddle shoot in a direction too fast or slow. Curious if it’s on my end only.


I played several times, I didn’t notice any negative issues with lag or the like.

I like it though, add more lives please! I’m not very good at it lol.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll work on implementing lives!


Let me know if you need help adding lives. I implemented that feature in mine as I was working thru the course and I’d be happy to walk you through it. :slight_smile: