Block Breaker _My Take on the Arkanoid_

Hi People,

This is my version of the block breaker game. After completing the relevant section of the 2d course, I wanted to put a little spin on what I learned through the section. Trying to complete this thought me a bunch about how to look for a solution when a problem encountered, drastically improved my familiarity with the editor, and altered my understanding of how scripts work. I created the in-game assets (which are basically some blocks and balls…=)) apart from the background images, which are selected from my brother’s old works. We(myself, my brother, and a friend of ours) also created the music for the levels.

I tried to get rid of the bugs that we encountered. I would appreciate any kind of feedback very very much.I hope you would play and enjoy what we did.
Thanks and cheers…=)


Wow this is incredible! I love your brother’s work! He did an incredible job.

Thanx man…=)

I love the look of this and it’s great you have made it personal by using your brothers work :slight_smile:

Thanx man! We are working towards being a team and hopefully produce more games…=)
We intend to finish and publish the text adventure game next…=)

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