Blender Monthly Project (May 2017)

I’m happy to suggest the new challenge :slight_smile:
Food & Beverage
Everything you can eat and/or drink

Just a reminder, the month’s almost over. I’ll post my entry I guess by the end of the week.

Now here is my work. I hope you like it.


Oh very nice :slight_smile: . There is a lot more to this scene than just the table, I see. It seems there are many tables like a restaurant.

Yes, I wanted to make a whole scene, not just a part of it. Eventually I got a bit tired of doing more for the background than the large table and some elements in the back :wink: A bit more contrast for the background wouldn’t hurt. But having everything behind the pizza rather dark sets and blurred sets the focus quite right.

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Yes it does. GIves it that “In a restaurant taking a picture of my food and posting it to social media” type of scene.

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I’m back :slight_smile: there is no june challenge ?

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