Blender Monthly Project (April 2017)

For this month, what about space movie ?
Star Wars, Battlespace Galactica, Space: 1999, …


I choose SW :slight_smile:


Here is my entry


Stefan I love this scene! Really great work mate, how long did it take? is it game ready? If it wa si bet you could sell it on the unreal and unity stores. The perfect spaceship / station interior! I could see a marine running down these corridors shooting space zombies haha

Thank you rszarka :slight_smile:
It took me about 17 hours. And 2 hours to render.
This was the reference picture I started with

But as you see, I didn’t go into all details and made different design choices on parts of it.
It’s absolutely not game ready. Way to many polygons and all materials made up in cycles. Would be a terrible task to convert everything and make textures out of all the detail objects.
The only texture here on the whole scene is different kinds of noise for diffuse, bump and glossy. And the alien in the back. Everything else is purely mesh, with a lot of array modifiers. And quite a lot playing around with the light setup.
Here’s the solid and wireframe view of it

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Here’s mine, inspired by / based on Guardians of the Galaxy concept art


Hey guys! Cool spaceships for this month. Here’s the poll. We’ll probably pick the winner by the end of this week.

I wasn’t able to do this months but I’m going to try to participate in next months monthly contest. Can’t wait =D

The person with the most votes after a week was @Stefan_Stockinger. Congrats for your great alien scene!

@Stefan_Stockinger, can you please create a new thread with your topic for this month’s entry, please.

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