Blender models for your game creations

Hi everyone, I am from over in the Blender course. I hope to one day create assets for games. If anyone needs a particular model made i could make it for you as long as its not brutally complex in return for your feedback on how to improve making models for game assets. In other words use and keep the model i make for you in return let me know any improvements i should make for my model to work better in games…how the model works once imported into a game engine etc. I have made guns, axes, swords spaceships cars and so forth but never made one for a game yet and would like to learn and practice…figured since all of you are learning how to make games we may be able to help each other. Bear in mind i have never made assets for a game before so will need guidance re what format you need the assets in…size…textured or not …collider mesh etc etc Also i can’t guarantee it will be right or perfect initially a student like you guys but have finished the course and I’m starting to get ok at blender …you can see some of my models in the blender section of this website if you want to see how my work is first.
Send me a Pm if you are interested …


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