Blender Bowling Scene Animation

Several screenshots and then an animation later, I really do get carried away. This was meant to be a small scene :joy:


Wow, such an extension of the basic bowling animation. Love the scene cuts. Good physics, great lighting.
It’s a fine piece of work to add to your profile.
Now make it a unity game … Fantasy bowling.

  • moving targets
  • smart balls
  • curved balls

I agree with @FedPete as this is a very well done video/animation.

I also like his suggestions for making it a game. :slight_smile:


Very nice, I like the pace the ball moves at.
Not keen on the ‘glow’ on the lighting but that is probably just me, makes my eyes feel they have gone fuzzy. :rofl:

Even moving lights at the end of a lengthy clip. Great job.

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Thanks for the feedback! The Unity suggestion is a great idea. Maybe make it so the lecturers and etc are playable characters :joy:

Thanks for the feedback, yeah a bowling game would be interesting :joy:

Thank you, you’re right. If I had a criticism on it in hindsight, perhaps the emissions are too high, it does come across a little fuzzy.

Other than that though thanks for the feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

@XtremeJam87 this is amazing man. How long did it take you to render the entire scene out of curiosity and what sort of setup do you have? :slight_smile: I think I may need to upgrade mine soon, lol. Superb work overall man, I love this!


Hi @Ash_Moore, thank you! I appreciate the kind words🙂

In total the renders probably took about an 45-60 mins combined in Eevee. I did multiple renders and then tied them together using Premiere Pro.

My setup us GTX 1070 and AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor 3.50 GHz

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Thanks for your reply man :slight_smile:
That’s a nice a setup! Ah, I never thought about splitting things up into separate renders. I always thought to render everything in one go, lol. I’m so glad you’ve told me that now, as that’s going to save me a lot of time and frustration in the near future I’m sure :laughing:

Keep up the great work man and I look forward to seeing your future submissions! :slight_smile: :+1: