Blender 2.80 - Particle System (using objects) and Weight Paint

I have weight painted a tree and have a separate leaf object. I am trying to use the particle system in Blender 2.80 to assign the leaf object to the branches/twigs (weight-painted) on the tree.

I can assign the “Instance Object” (the leaf) to the tree, but I can’t get the object to render on ONLY the weight-painted areas of the tree. Anyone know how this is done in 2.80?


EDIT (screenshot added): Instead of the weight-paint route, I decided to assign vertex group to the twigs/branches. The problem is that a lot of the leaves are going through the mesh. How do I solve this?

EDIT #2: Doesn’t seem like you can convert particle system to mesh in 2.80? Anyone has gotten this to work?

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Hi Taklon,

Has you picked up our blender Environments course?
It is in 2.8 and we cover this there :slight_smile:

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