Blast of ideas - Lighting

Playing with (absence of) lighting to make clear what is the foreground and background:)



Is this like a meditation game?

It isn’t, though your comment did give me some cool ideas:). It is meant as a relaxed and lightweight game though.
In Blast of Idea’s you are a thought bubble that helps a Writer write his own story.
In the beginning you see a sentence that the writer has written with a blank in it, like “And then the knight recognised who is enemy really was, (blank)!” In the level you can find multiple floating words, like “The princess”, “His henchman” or “the dog”. If you bring one of those to the end (the lightbulb), you help write the story by filling in the blank the way you want. There is no good or bad, just have fun:).

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I play games to relax, having a game that is about meditating sounds like a win win! :smiley:

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This is really an awesome idea. Hope you will make a full game out of it :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I probably will if I’ve finished this course.

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This is really cool, nice use of default models.