Beware! Velociraptor lurking in the shrubbery!

I decided to go with a velociraptor instead of a T-Rex just cuz they are more scary.

The pine trees are from another Grant Abbitt tutorial I did last year, and as you can see I made the mountain in a more primitive Low-Poly style without the fancy-schmancy varigation.

And here’s the dino in progress where you can see the reference images.

great fun! On to the Spitfire.


Good work, lucky the cameraman is up a tree looking down on it! :grin:


NP5, you’d think that with those claws they’d be good at climbing trees, but no. Luckily for the photographer, as you point out.


This looks great! I love the curved front claws.

Thanks! Menacing claws, eh?

I love the clouds! Are those just a background image or did you model those as well?

Hi Hazy. As you surmised, the clouds are just an image that I slapped onto a flat plane to add some depth to the scene. Like so:


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