Ben's computer ultra fast compiling

Good afternoon,

I am still in the BullCow Game portion of the unreal course but I notice Ben’s computer seems to compile the program way faster than mine. My computer is a Dell Inspiron with an i7 processor and 16 gb of ram. I have visual studio installed on the ssd but my program is saved to the regular hdd drive. I am following his instructions exactly as in the videos. Anybody else encountered this?

At what points? Sometimes he cuts the video so you don’t have to sit through the compilation. Though the BullCowGame shouldn’t take long to compile.

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I’ll find an example when I get back to some lessons tonight. His just seems to fly through it.

Been watching the vids and just taking note. Sometimes our compile times are pretty spot on but many times it’s about a solid 1 second difference. I guess that’s where he’s speeding up the vid.

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