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I don’t remember which lecture it was but Ben asked our preference on how much content is taught by Ben and how much is taught by the team. First let me preface this post by saying that Ben is with out a doubt my favorite instructor, on any site or subject. My first hello world was taught by Ben and I have taken almost every course he has put out. If it means that the company will expand and provide more content (especially UE4 content) I say Ben, take a step back and do the planning and oversight.

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Thanks for this feedback. @Raistlin_Majere to be clear you’re saying you like me stuff but you’re happy with others too, and if it were a choice between me being min all the courses, or us getting more content out you’d prefer the latter?

I would prefer the latter, yes.

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Just to let you know this has lead to some thinking, so thank you.

There’s also a Facebook discussion here…

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For nostalgia’s sake, you could make an appearance or two. Cross pollination (so to speak) wouldn’t hurt though if it means more content.

From a marketability standpoint, I think seeing Ben in the “talking head” videos is important. The more money makes the better it is for us students/members…imho.


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