Beginning My Chess Set

So, rather than posting each of the early challenges separately, I decided to post them all at once.

First came the board. I’m still not sure why we created it as a 4x4 and then used an array modifier (x2) to expand it to the proper size but… well it looks the same to me. The one thing I didn’t like was the hard black/white checkered look so I dulled mine down to look just a bit more realistic.

Next came the Pedestal… OK, show of hands, who didn’t realize right from the start we were making that too nice [sheepishly raises hand]:unamused: I even went so far as to give mine just a bit of a lip right near the top (that photo was terrible by the way :dizzy_face:

And of course, what rabbit trail wouldn’t be complete without the rabbit hole…

Enter the rest of the pawn… this is of course version 2 as I forgot to save the original pedestal and had to go back and redo the challenges before the point I realized it. I think it actually looks just a bit better than the first, mainly because I didn’t do so many beveled edges.

Ah… I see that rabbit trail had a purpose after all. Did he really submit that first pawn to Ben… meh doesn’t matter. so this was my take on the challenge… and I was facinated to see that I actually had fewer tris than the man:sunglasses:… right up till I had to undo my circle for the next challenge:(

Here’s what he really wanted (it’s got even fewer tris)

followed by the pawn in – I forgot which lecture I’m on :fearful:)

and it goes without saying that I just had to go do one from my rounded base

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So, I ran into some problems… Nothing I did before had planar surfaces :rage: boy I wish he’d introduced that particular tool a bit earlier… say about the time we were scrapping all the edge beveling…

Welp, back to the beginning I went… this time I decided to take that “Artistic License” @Michael_Bridges kept talking about and throw it out the window

If anyone can tell me how to make that puke yellow look like the brass it’s supposed to be I would be extra grateful :heart_eyes:

So, getting caught back up to where I was…

the Pedestal:

the Pawn:

the Bishop (this time I didn’t mess around with the torus):

and here is the initial “Gathering of the Pieces” in the Chess Scene:

followed by the Queen and her Placement

Oh, and lest I forget, a close up of the procedurally generated Marble

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And now for the rest of the story…

The Queen

The Knight

The Rook

The King

And now my forces are ready

but wait…


Great models and I like how you made a different chess board.

Don’t worry too much about getting it looking like brass in this section- come back to this lecture after you have done the fluffy bunny and you’ll know much more about the cycles rendering engine.


just finished the section and here is the final version


Looks like a game I would lose quickly!

Thanks for going beyond the scope of the challenge- you have ended up with a model that is great :slight_smile:

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