Beginner's Advice From a Complete Newb!

Woo Hoo! I just completed the NumberWizard Console game after having to trash it and start over. I surprised even myself! I am a complete newb never really coding before. You might say I have a script/code/programming phobia! I seriously doubt I will ever become a coder. But, I started this course because I wanted to create assets, with Blender, for games. I feel to do that I need to learn about Unity and what is involved in creating games. So, has taken the steps via this course.

As I was going through the creating of the NumberWizard console game, I learned a couple of valuable things over and above what was shown in the videos and wanted to share with others starting out.

  1. Don’t rush through the videos!
    This is not a race! :slight_smile: Take your time and watch the videos carefully. For me, the solution is watching them once, since they are not that long per lecture, and try understand the concepts being taught. Then, I watch it a 2nd time, and follow along with Ben and create my script.

  2. Catch Errors Early!
    Unless you are really confident, save your script(s) after changes are made in the video. Make sure your script(s) run without errors. I have found errors are easier to discover and correct.

  3. Don’t Script While Tired!
    If you have had a long day, it is really easy to make mistakes. And, it is much more difficult to find and correct your errors. Give yourself a break and come back to the project tomorrow when you may be fresher and less tired. I learned this the hard way when working on the NumberWizard Console game causing me to begin again.

  4. Save Your Working Script Outside Mono!
    If your script works correctly at the end of a lecture, save it in Mono as normal then copy & paste the entire script into a text editor, such as word pad or note pad and save the document. Create a new script document per lecture of entire script.

Sounds like overkill doesn’t it? For me, as a newb, I have found overkill may just save me grief and not have to start completely over if I accidentally deleted an important item like a { }, ( ), or missed putting in a ;. The worst that can happen is, at least at this point, is delete my script, create a new one, copy & paste the last working copy of my script from my text document and start at the lecture I screwed up in. This way I don’t have to start completely over! :smiling_imp:

  1. Make Notes!
    One of the things I found useful about keeping copies of my scripts in text edit (I run a Mac) I can print out the script and make notes on it of the different pieces parts, what those parts are called, how it is used, and why it is used.

  2. Compare with Ben!
    As you are creating your scripts, stop and compare what you have created with what Ben has created. It is very easy to miss an instruction.

  3. Google is Our Friend!
    If you don’t understand a concept, Google it! I am betting you will find a resource that will help you better understand a concept.

  4. Newbie Resources
    I did a couple of tutorials before taking this class and might be helpful to you as well. Sometimes, you just need to start with the basics before you do the basics! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard to Unity @Morgaine_Christensen :wink:

Glad your enjoying it so far and some sound thoughts there.

I like the idea of printing and putting notes along side, think i might start doing that with some things to keep notes on workings.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with down the line :slight_smile:

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Thanks, OboShape!

I am glad you found my newbie thoughts on this crazy scripting stuff sound. :slight_smile: I will never be a good scripter (I usually hang out over on the Blender forum); its not how my mind works nor one of my real interests to be honest. However, I just thought I needed to have an idea how it all works and take the plunge. It makes a lot more since than in the past when I tried looking at scripting.

Printing a few notes is a good idea! Always good to refer back to later or share with other needing assistance.

I just want to encourage others to give it a try as well. If I can get though the first 30 lectures, anyone can! :slight_smile: Hopefully, I can get through another 30!


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