Beach Ball. My showcase

Greetings to all of you.
My name is Akram Khunaizi, Saudi. I would like to thank all of you for your kindness support while learning the Unity3D engine.
I would love to share my game Beach Ball with all of you. It is on Android for now. IOS version will be available soon enough:

Your feedback is so valuable.
Kind regards,


The concept looks pretty interesting! However you should add a video so we can have an idea of how the game actually looks like. Also it seems that you have the same screenshot of the game twice in the images (the first 2).

Thank you so much for the review.
About the screenshots: is it in the game or in google play? I didn’t get it.

In the play store

I uploaded all the images again. I hope that will fix the duplication problem.
Thanks again for your concerns :slight_smile:

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I Still would love to have more feedbacks. I cannot enhance the game without your kind opinions

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