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It took me a while to get the hang of it. But well yea, this is my first attempt. And I’m so excited to make more soon :smile:


Look out! it’s a squid!



The squid now has colors! I just used prior knowledge of materials to give it some basic coloration.


This is so amazing. How did you make the teddy bear?


Here is my first try on a castle with a catapult :smiley:


Some wooden construction I made a few years ago. Turns out to be fairly fun practice! Like a lot of the models you guys post!


My version of a skyscraper.


I made a TV and here it is with the objects separated.


I started with a cube… then my world suddenly got a little larger, until it welcomed me home :slight_smile:


Woke up, just wanted to make a ziggurat and a few leafy friends.


I just can’t get enough of blender right now :blush:
I’m especially proud of that little bridge on the right side :sparkling_heart:


My Frist Model


@Erne 1st attempt, I made a outdoor foodcourt table with glass and plates :slight_smile:


First glimpse was of my monitor, so I made that…

Then I looked to my girlsfriends desk and I thought ‘hmm…what about that chair with rolls’…and taddaaa

Then I wanted something with a view more forms in it…so I started on a bookshelf…but then I realized most shapes would be rectangular in the end so I got a bit bored:


I made a dragon prototype. It was fun to add features using the primitive shapes. Can’t wait to add texture and import to unity with some sort of animation and sound.


Quite simple and easy.


I really enjoyed seeing all this creativity! I was thirsty so I made a simple bottle with a rubber gripper.