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I just wanted to post a caution here as if like me you may have diverged from the course assets.
Upgrading to 5.6 completely broke my project and for some reason reverting via source control didnt work properly.
It took me a lot of messing about and back tracking though commits to get to 5.5 working again.
However in doing this i had a persistant error with a tree/bush prefab having its mesh removed. This was an asset pack from the asset store.
I believe that the pack does not work with 5.6 and got corrupted somehow. I deleted the pack in 5.5 when i got it running and all saves and the prefab errors are gone.

Now that i have everything restored i am keeping my 5.5 repo project and have cloned to a new 5.6 repo completely seperate from the origin with the offending folder and assets removed.

I suggest if you have custom assets or ones from the asset store you make a commit, zip the folder, clone the project to a new repo and new git repo and then upgrade on the clone.

Now these problems are to be expected but prevention is better than the cure.

Edit to Update :- Confirmed it was that asset pack from the asset store. Your Knights are safe. On removing the folder and the items from the scene in 5.5 i was then able to upgrade to 5.6 without issues.

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