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Hello dear Ben and community,

my name ist Kevin. I’m 26 years old and living in Leipzig, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. I’m a IT project manager and a passionate programmer.

My expertise you can see at and if you are interested in networking you can add me via Facebook ( and/or Instagram (

Kind regards


Hello Communitym,

my name is Lars and I am from western Norway. I am passionate about game design and would like to further coding skills so that I can work on game projects with some of my friends and continue studying programming at university.

Best regards


Hi my name’s Iftekhar Uddin and I’m glad to see that there are still people posting on here in 2018!

I’m a 22 year old University Student from North Carolina, United States learning Unreal because I want to eventually work in the gaming industry.


Hi, my name is Alex and I’m alc… I mean developer. I’ve been a dev for over 10 years now (over 15 if you count studying and early school projects). I’m working in the business development, but I’ve been always fascinated about gamedev (like making my maps for shooters or adding headshot mechanics to the open-sourced Quake 2 engine, or playing with Direct3D and OpenGL) and have even worked as a AC3 Flash games developer and designer for almost a year. But to be honest I don’t know much about proper game development with an engine and 3D graphics. I’ve started as a C++ developer, but I’ve switched to C# long-long time ago, so now I hardly remember advanced C++ techniques and I’m completely oblivious to all the advancements in C++ dev in VS that were made since the MFC days.
I’m quite excited about this course both for letting me remember C++ and for letting me potentially realize some of my long time awaited dreams and ideas.


Hi, Lars. Are you in Hordaland?


Hello. I have just finished section 1 and am going onward. I probably will be going slow because I am also starting a graduate program in Computer Science in a few days as well as teaching a course . . . so I will be inching along.


My name is Hunter, and I’m from the United States, and more specifically, Florida.

I wanted to create my own games since I was really young. Now, with this course, I can finally use those sparks of creativity I had. :smiley:

This creativity drove me to take a high school class on an animation software called Maya not too long ago, so I have somewhat of an experience with engines like Unreal.

My ultimate goal after this class is to create a business out of coding like this. Even if it is a small team of people running games, it will be worth it.

I hope anyone else taking this class gets the most out of it as well!


My name is Renato, I’m a mechanical Engineering student with 22 years old and i’m from Brazil.

I have an idea of a unique kind of game that i never saw before and i want to develop it, so i started the course to help me. Maybe I’ll need a lot of help to work on my game, so if you want to talk with me about it, please add me on discord or send me an email… Thank you



I am so bummed out that when I was 12 I could not even dream about even a slightest possibility of me getting a PC but nonetheless I am here learning how to make games many years later in between my day job and I love seeing you all here guys