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I’m Janne. Got a background in general IT Engineering, which includes some C / C# / C++, but been working with HTML / JS game dev the past 4 years.
Trying to pick up UE to broaden my horizon. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
My name is Bryce, I’m studying Music and Computer Science right now, hoping to get some C++ experience. I have some experience with Unity already, and am super interested in audio, and sound design.


Hi all!
I’m Maria from Greece :slight_smile: My Bachelor’s degree is in International and European Studies but I’m interested in becoming a game programmer and starting a Master’s in Computer Science.
Have fun learning :smile:


Hi! I’m Pavel and I’m a CS/Math major/Plus incomplete Software Engineering MS. I’ve been writing code since high school, in all different languages. Always wanted to make games on the side.
So, as per this course. So far, I’ve got it to compile a project. There were some hurdles. I already had both the VS 2017 and VS 2015 on the machine. Installed the latest Unreal engine, but since my video card ancient, so I downgraded to 4.18. Then, the C++ Unreal projects wouldn’t compile-- couldn’t build the .DLL file. It said I needed VS 2015 update package 3. Took several tries to get that installed, and reboots (suggestion: reboot even if it doesn’t prompt you or else you may start creating a mess, especially if the engine is running ). More troubles, it wouldn’t create the VS 2017 projects, the best I managed was to get the VS 2017 to open it as a 2015 project. But then, I discovered there’s an option in Unreal’s Editor (this is version 4.18.3) From the Editor: Edit -> Editor Preferences-> Source Code … Choose your Visual Studio and click set as default, make sure to set 2017 as default. This is, once again, for 4.18.


Hi there, I’m Zach. I’m completely new to coding. I’ve been a paramedic for the past 8 years and I’m exploring different career paths. I’ve always had an interest in game design especially along the lines of narrative and world design. Hopefully, this will lead to a career where I can create something, rather than just try to put it back together.



I am Roger from Maryland in the US. I am a Systems Engineering Lead, so I have limited opportunities for coding at work. I have been coding on and off for more years than I will admit, including courses in C, C++, Java, Ruby/Web Development. I have been playing video games for decades, so I am taking this course to refresh my coding skills and have fun learning more about developing games.



I am Tarun from India. I am a student and I am learning this course to sharpen my C++ skills and also because I want to become a professional game developer when I complete my college, and at the end all I want to say is a big Thank you to both of the teachers in the course.

Warm Regards