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I tried some with the offset function and clone tool, and some with make it seamless. Trial and error I guess.


Nice job, @Velcronator !


Just made a Space background for a game I’m making. I thought I’d share it here for the hell of it.




Carpet TextureDeer Hair TextureDesk Backing TextureFloor Tile Texture

My 4 seamless textures. They all have fairly hard defined patterns, but that may lay more in my picture taking. For as little work as I put into this I’m very impressed with what GIMP cooked up. These are definitely usable as placeholders :slight_smile:



Nothing amazing here unfortunately, but the flowers pattern does look quite nice.




Both the bricks and the flowers are amazing but the wood is not very good with those 3 lights


My Not Exactly seamless texture


This tiling feature is very nice. In the past (many years ago) I did this by hand.


I used the darken, lighten tool to minimize the repetition of certain spots.




I think the carpet and granite came out ok. The diamonds look like a trippy weird pattern and the tile just looks wrong haha. I guess Gimp has a harder time tiling poorly taken pictures