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If you’re reading this, there probably aren’t very many posts yet. But don’t worry, you can be the first! Either create a new post or just reply to this one to say ‘hi’.


OK, billy-no-mates is saying hi to himself whilst this course is still in draft :wink:


G’day everyone (especially Billy-no-mates),

I’m Cam. I’m an artist, designer (UX/UI), animator that wants to get into game dev. My goal first and foremost is learning to program. I completed the original Complete Unity course and I’m back again to work through the new and improved version to reinforce everything I learnt and continue to improve with the new techniques Ben (and Co.?) introduce in v2.

Good luck and have fun, everyone!


Cool Beans :slight_smile:

just started working through it today, and have to say it is a nice lecture on introductions and resources for help, i think getting this info out will definitely help in the long term and encourage student participation/interaction…

slight, audio blip at 1:30 :grin: has to listen again just to make sure it wasn’t what i thought it was…


Just bought the course looking forward to learning

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Hey all… Tim from DC here. I’ve been keeping fresh with my intermediate level knowledge of Unity and game making with probably all of Ben’s great work and couldn’t resist this new course! Thanks again Ben and the crew for a great job and keeping me confident!


Hello! Andrew here, web developer in Scotland. I did part of the old course (up to Block Breaker) last month, but I’m really looking forward to picking up the new one once I get some time off.

Any chance of a vague (non-committal) timeline for the release of different sections? :wink:


Hi! :wave: I’m Simon from Newcastle, UK. Just managed to bag one of the promo codes. Am already in progress on the original Unity course but wanted to jump on this one too so I can go through it in parallel with the original course.


I’m currently half way through Block Breaker too :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I’m Augustas from Kaunas, Lithuania. Currently I study Computer Science Bachelor’s degree in Kaunas Technology University in 3rd course. It’s really difficult to study it, because it involves from basic programming to assembly programming, linux, understanding different computer architectures and many more complex stuff.

Year ago I started Original Unity course, but unfortunately I lost momentum at Glitch Garden and it was hard to get back. So this is perfect opportunity to catch up and even to start over.

I have been in some hackathons & gamejams before so I have some basic to intermediate knowledge about game development.

Just recently, I’ve finished my 3-month internship as a game developer in one of the biggest educational mobile game company for kids, it’s called “TutoToons”.

I’m really looking forward to finish this course and maybe to meet some friends with whom I could start building serious projects.

Good Luck to everyone, see you soon!


So excited to see this area hotting-up.

At the moment it’s hidden to non students, so it’s an exclusive club. Let’s set a great tone, and do lots of sharing so when the floodgates open it’s a nice place to be for everyone.


G’Day everyone I’m Geoff from Victoria Australia. I think I’ve got nearly all of Ben’s courses. I’m currently going slowly through some of the course at a time as I’m also getting my degree in game design so it has been like going through two lots of schooling at once😜.

PS the unity developer course 1.0 has help a lot with my studies.


Hi everyone! I am George from Toronto Canada. Most of my life has been spent in the education sector which (busy as it is) hasn’t left me much time to explore my interests until now at 52 years of age (boy am I that old?)

I have worked my way through and finished the first Unity course, the Game Physics Course, the Complete Blender Course, the Unreal Course and the RPG Course Part 1.

I am taking this course as an overall refresher before I move ahead with my RPG.

Have fun everyone!



Hi all, Paul here from Queensland, Australia. I completed the first Unity C# course last year.

Have just done small game projects since then - business and family commitments have kept things slow.
Nothing released.

Happy to be starting this new version which will be great for revision and I’m hoping to grasp some of the concepts which escaped me last time.

Special hello to the older students out there :mage: :family_woman_girl:

Have fun and don’t give up !


Hello unity world


Is anyone else not seeing the Unity 2.0 course on When I clicked on ‘The Lecture’s Discussions’ it brought me here, however this doesn’t look like the course section as displayed in the video.


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Heya Sparkman. Unity 2 course is still in early release as far as I’m aware. Would expect the Unity 2 section to go live at the same time the course officially does.


Hello, my name is Morgaine and I am from the US. I am not really a coder or that interested in coding. :smile: But, I am interesting in other gaming aspects such as making assets, textures, background images etc. others can use in their game. I think understanding a bit more about the mechanics of varying games and the engines running them will help me to make more accurate and effective assets.

I attempted to take Version 1.0 of this course and had a terrible time with the coding…Thanks to Rob Meade and folks on the forum…I was able to do a few of the early games. Big issue I had was the varying issues of Unity being so different from each other. Hopefully, I will do a better job with this course but, I am sure I will have a TON of QUESTIONS!


Greetings Fellow Programs…

Hello from Ohio, USA. Very excited to see Ben developing another Unity/C# course on Udemy. I actually discovered Udemy after backing the very first Unity course Ben helped develop. Kinda’ hooked on Udemy now.

I’m normally a back-end developer in SQL, but these days my company has me developing in VBA, .NET, and Alteryx. Guess someone on my team leaked that I am familiar with a broad range of coding languages. </shakes fist in air>

Looking forward to growing my C# skills as this course expands. Plus, it’d be nice to get one or two of the 20+ game ideas floating around in my head out into the virtual world.

Side note: I was so excited about this new course, I recommended it to a friend who wants to learn how to code. Unfortunately he is not an original KickStarter backer, so he had to settle for buying the first course. Looks like I will finally get to completely finish that course, as I work through it with him.

Can’t wait to dust off my Unity learning cap and get it back on my head where it belongs…!



Hi everyone, my name is Steve Macintyre, I’m in California and have taken Bens earlier Unity course as well as the blender course (though I haven’t finished the unity one yet) and have found both excellent so I had to immediately jump on when I saw this.

Seeing thsi course is motivating me to get back to trying to learn Unity again. Looking forward to learning with you all. :smiley: