Bates House WIP

Being a holiday here in the US, I decided to create something from scratch using all I have learned from Michael’s Blender class and the other one I am taking on Udemy. I chose this because there are a lot of reference photos out there of this house…some really good…some not so good…so there is limited guess work what goes where. No…LOL…the white objects are place holder references so you are not seeing things! :slight_smile:

While I have gotten quite a bit done on this project, I have lots of hours in it so far and it is a long ways from being done! So far, it is about 15.1K verts…so I am not making a low poly model. Decided I was going to do what I wanted since it is doubtful I will ever do anything with it other than render pics. It’s one of those personal challenges!


Nice, I like the texture work on the wood panelling and roof, also like the turned wood pillars at the front.

well done.

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Thank you! Lots more details to go, along the way, I will try to add some bump/normal maps and see if it will give the wood, the roofing, and the brick foundation some depth so doesn’t look so flat.

The porch post were a challenge since it’s made with a single extruded and shaped cube…tricky part was going from a square shape into spherical shapes, then cylinder shape but was fun making them. They are probably way more detailed than they should be when you look at the building from a distance but on close-ups you can see it.


Been spending some time with adding bump, normal, and specular maps to the model textures but I still have more modeling to do. At least the front porch is more or less complete. I need to do some window work next.


Woo Hoo! It’s almost done! I still need to work on the round window and some ornaments on the top to complete the actuall building itself. Then I have to decide if I want to landscape it for a scene.

Things I learned on this project the hard way! LOL

  1. Decide on a color scheme in advance. Think about what elements you are going to create and gather any textures before hand. Try texturing some blocks and imagining the elements you are going to create and see if the colors match in render mode. Consider creating copies of your textures and putting them all in a single folder with any maps you create! Also, consider renaming those textures and using those names for your materials.

  2. DO NOT try to sort your textures into some semblance of order after you have already textured varying items!

  3. Consider using alpha textures imported as a plane instead of creating a lot of tiny object such as spindles for your porch!

  4. Determine BEFORE you build, what you think you are going to render for images to save yourself some time and geometry. There is a good reason Hollywood doesn’t create some buildings in full!


Looks fantastic! What a difference adding the windows and finishing the porch has made… is that a shadowy figure I see in the window(s)?..

Thanks, Rob! Yes, this would be a horribly dull building if it weren’t for the porch and adding the windows gives it a more finished look. There were lots of old houses of this type where I grew up so I have a fascination with these Victorian/Edwardian houses. LOL …one never knows what one will find in my creations! I like to add a few surprises and hidden things just because!

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Hehe… its really good… spooky/creepy… “Yes mother…” *shudder* :slight_smile:

LOL it’s suppose to be creepy and scary! I need to create some creepy landscaping for it at some point!

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That would look fab… maybe some woodland area?

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Yes, will be some scary woods I hope! But, I am not so good at making trees LOL so we will see what I can come up with.

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Looking forward to seeing to :slight_smile:

That looks fantastic, its great to see how far you have came along, and you’ve definitely got the hang of the texturing malarkey :slight_smile:

thank you for sharing your insights into what you came across as you worked through it as well!

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@Rob…It might be a bit before it is finished due to holidays but will get there…I hope!

@OboShape…The texturing on this this particular model has all been done via Project From View to unwrap for texturing and is not what I consider a normal UnWrap (i.e marking the seams then Unwrap) process. It is very easy to texture this way and makes it easy to match textures on other parts of the building. However, while it easy to work with and renders great, it is not a great way of unwrapping if you need precise UV maps say if you plan on selling your models.

LOL as you can see by my list, I ran into several issues. But, the good news is, I learned how to create a nice library file of building elements for future use. While watching practical solutions in the course lectures are great to know, until you actually start working on some of your own projects, you may not put much thought into organization till you are in the middle of it. So, Micheal is absolutely correct when he talks about planning out your projects before hand!:christmas_tree:


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