Ball Clones Not Making Sound


So I followed all the same steps. I added the new audio source to the ball and attached the audio script. The original ball makes sound. I dragged that into my prefab folder and overwrote the other ball, but before I do that it asks “Are you sure you want to replace the contents of the prefab with GameObjects that are not entirely inherited from it”. I hit yes and I’m not getting any sound.

Any ideas?

Me too. The start game music works as well as the score but the ball bounce isn’t. The code is the same as the lesson. Not sure. I’m still looking through it.

Figured it out. I still had the “ball” sphere prefab assigned to my Player/ BallLauncher script. If you look at the script on the right tab and change the “ball prefab” to the basketball prefab by dragging it on it, it should work. At least it did for me.

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