Bad Code breaker first scene challenge

Good day!
Here is my first scene for the block breaker “Make your first scene” challenge :). Since in the complete Unity 2D course Block breaker Q&A section I mentioned that my dream block breaker game would something related with computer viruses theme, so here is the image that would show how would the first game scene would look like.
I hope it looks interesting. I’ve tryed to make a huge computer virus from the blocks.


Very cool, I like the virus theme! It vaguely reminds me of Mass Effect 3, the mission where you have to help Legion destroy the Reaper code.


Thank you @AuroraDawn for the compliment! and yeah the good old Mass Effect series :)) One of the best games I ever played. Big fan I am of the Mass Effect game series.
I remember that mission from the Mass Effect 3 :slight_smile: game. It was one my personal favourite missions from the whole Mass Effect series. Loved it. That is why, that Mass Effect 3 virus mission concept was one the main inspirations for this block breaker theme.

I’m a big fan of the Mass Effect series too! The Legion mission is one of my favorites too, it was well written and deep. Andromeda, was okay. I enjoyed the gameplay but, it was lacking in a lot of departments. :pensive:
Tag me or message me when you upload your final product. I would love to see how your game turns out!