Background Image issue

I though that I did same way when I made a chess,
But I can’t see rabit backgraound image except on Camera view.
I’ve checked Persp view, checked on box at Background image and also image file type (same as PNG). But I can’t see my background image all of view except only at camera view. Is there anybody help me??

Hi dalami0i,

I am not quite sure what you mean in “all views” but in the upper picture you have the background visible right? You can adjust the opacity and set it front / back to adjust how you want the visibility to be.

On the second picture you have left perspective mode. You will not be able to see the background since you have camera on perspective. You can switch it to ortographic mode by pressing 5 on numpad and then you can see the background image.

In the properties panel where you set the background image you can set the views where it’s visible, now it’s set to all views. This means it’s visible on all axis + on camera view. If you have a image taken from front you might want to set it only front and set another picture on other axis.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

Thank you, Jax! I missed that!

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