AVG Antivirus slows down code running progress

Whenever I run a bit of code (that has no errors), rather than come up straight away, my antivirus (AVG) decides to scan it for 5-15 seconds, before letting it pass.

There is an option to ‘Abort’ the scan, but it still slows down the overall progress which can get annoying.


I have Bullguard as well which I also run, so I do have to option to deactivate AVG, however if possible I’d like to tell AVG which files to ignore for scans.

I don’t know if I would need to tell it to ignore the Visual Studio application, or something else entirely, as the executed build seems to come from C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe…?

Is there a file I can tell AVG to ignore, or should I just deactivate it, since I already have BullGuard?

Found it. I simply told AVG to ignore the file the Project was in. Or rather, the whole solution.
Actually kind of a simple fix, considering it says which file it think’s is dangerous, but just in case others came across this issue, I posted it regardless.

Also hi guys, first post :slight_smile:

I tried this solution. I went into the setttings, clicked exceptions, and add the path to all the files I’ll be using and creating during this course.

It still insists on scanning my file every time I hit ctrl f5. I’m getting frustrated but I can’t shut off AVG as I have no good backup protection program.

Did you do something different?

Nevermind…after searching about, I found that I was updating the settings in the wrong section. I’ve updated the main settings and we’ll see if it keeps being annoying.

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