Asset Store Challenge - Minecraft Clone

Here is my list:
Tetra Pack $10 - Minecraft Tetris
Pixel Dungeon Starter Kit $29
Breakable Shapes $10
Voxel Series - Crafters Set $4
PixelForge - Weapon Pack $8 (start weapons in 2d and convert to 3d!)
Cubes Package $15
Retro Terrain $10
Simple Animals $15
Animated Block Animals Blocky Pets $6

I also found Laircraft for $100 and VOXL for $80, but they were compatible with later versions of Unity. I included a 5.3.4 tag in my search, but I would rather start with a more complete game if I were to do this.

I also noticed that while price and version tags stay in the search bar when you hit the back button, typed words like “minecraft” do not. I wonder if this is only for 5.3.4.

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