Asscii art

I added a few things like a previous guess text that will display your last guess and also your last wrong guess…

and i added an alphabetic letter check…


bool FBullCowGame::IsAlphabetic(FString Word) const {
TMap<char, bool> LetterAlphabetic;
for (auto Letter : Word) {
if (isalpha(Letter) == 0) {// if is an alphabetic letter then go to next letter in TMap
return false;
else {} // if empty will keep checking the rest of the word and not stop after the first letter checked
return true;

this will go through the whole word and only return an error if not a-z isalpha() returns a bool value so i check it for 0 and if it is it returns a false so the function can keep checking the rest of the word.

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I realise that my bull/cow look more like dogs (bulldogs or something and one with horns) lol

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