(Ask) How to make sharp angles in texture paint?



I’m currently learning texture painting, it’s not so hard until i found that i couldn’t make the edge of my brush looks sharp

I’m trying to find out in Youtube video, and i found Sir Grant Abbitt Texture Painting Guid video. But i don’t know how to paint like him

Here’s what i want :

(source video : Hammer - Texture Painting Guide - YouTube timestamp 0:43)

But this is what i got :

Is there a way to make the edge of the brush looks sharp ?

I’m really sorry for my bad english

Hope you guys have a nice day :smile:


You can change the way the brush works by going to the “falloff” category in the active tool and work space settings (see below).

You can also customize the brush further by grabbing the points in the graph (see below).

For very thin markings be sure to change the size of your brush by pushing “F” on the keyboard.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. I will be happy to answer them as soon as I can. :+1:


Hello sir, i’m sorry for my late reply

I’ve tried to customize the brush, and it works ! But perhaps i should take more time to grab points in the graph to make brush as i want

Thank you so much sir for answering my question, i’m very weak at texture paint and don’t have any idea how to make best texture :laughing:


Glad I could help. If you have anymore questions let me know, I’ll answer them as soon as I can. :+1:

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