Artistic License Pawn!

I took took a bit of artistic license with my pawn. I really didn’t like how the sphere sat on top of the base. So, I moved it down a fit further into the “neck” of the base so it has more of a “human” sort of feel to it. Pawns are always seem to get the short end of the stick so I wanted to improve their lot in my chess set :smile_cat: I also went ahead and added a material to it.

Also, since I didn’t make this piece quite like Micheal did, I had a few more edge loops and faces than the instructor’s piece; thus, keeping in mind the idea of creating nice low poly, I was able to merge verts between the sphere and the base and also was able to delete some internal geometry from the lower portion of the sphere. You aren’t able to see what I removed and since it doesn’t effect the shape of the model one would never know it had been deleted just looking at the pawn.