Armor set - my way, finally

So, just a human moment if you will alow it.

I REALLY struggled on this one. The armor chest the lecturer gave us? My mind could not wrap around it and I didn’t especially like it. More of a stylistic preference than me trying to take insult anyone. But that meant I had to strike out on my own for a bit and study armor sets. I finally, after days of being stuck and trying more and more each day (and learning from it!) made my own reproducable armor chest piece. It’s not the best, but it made me happy to be satisfied and feel like I overcame a hurdle. Went from daily work to being stalled for half a week. But lets get back in it!

For anyone who doesn’t care about that: here’s the armor set, pants could have been longer and I wish my contrast was slightly better on my chest piece but I will just need to revisit the color palette video.