Argon Assault Game Idea

My rail runner game idea revolves around the Human versus Alien theme. After several centuries of battle for the solar system called Solandrius, a Human inhabited system, an Alien race called the Xaintet, a 3 tripodal, 2 armed, praying mantis looking entity, has destroyed all but 6 planets and nearly a 100 trillion humans. Only several thousand Humans remain. Nearly twice as many Xaintet remain.

The humans have found a possible escape route through a wormhole to an alternate solar system many million light years away. The President’s son Jonathon and his platoon of marines have made a successful incursion through the wormhole and deemed it habitable. The President has called for an immediate evacuation followed by the collapse of the wormhole. It will take six days to evacuate all recall and evacuate all humans from the planet Alpha.

Jonathon figures a single fighter ship with one skilled pilot could set and explosive device on the communication nodes the Xaintet have set on each planet and by activating them simultaneously he could destroy the mother ship and cut off the Xaintet’s transport. He figures the time to strike is during the confusion of retreat while the Xaintet are chasing the humans back to Alpha. With this in mind he send off a written communication to his Father and tells him not to wait for him any longer than necessary to destroy the wormhole. He says he’ll destroy the Xaintet, allowing the humans to return and continue their existance in Solandrius, or failing this make it through the wormhole.

And with the communication sent he boards his craft and streaks into the sky towards:

Jonathon’s Folly