Argon Assault Build build runs too fast!


I would be so thankful for a reply. I am handing in a uni project where I have selected Argon Assault to follow. Now I need to hand in a build. The player ship runs at normal speed when played in Unity.

However when a build is made the build just runs at super speed and because of the way Argon Assault is made the ship just crashes and the game re-starts, not so good.

I have tried this solution:

Now it did make the build run at normal speed on one computer, BUT the problem is still there on all other PCs I have made a build for. So there is a problem.

Can someone please figure this one out?

Kind regards,

Hi Asteroid,

Which version of Unity do you use?

If the problem has to do with v sync, you could test the options in the Quality Settings.

You could also try to change the Timeline properties.

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