Ares - a Text Adventure


I want you to keep in mind: I had pretty much no knowledge previously. I created my own version of the text adventure with own story, choices, theme and added sound, background, several mechanisms, such as score and oxygen timer and … let’s not spoil it … a tiny amout of replayability!

Also: As you can see I have no talent at drawing, music, game design or writing! But I have to start somewhere, right?
That all sounds preposterous, but it took me way too long for such a simple game.

So after this preamble, here you go:
Ares - a Text Adventure

I’m looking forward to your absolute honest feedback!
Tell me the good, the bad and the ugly!

On a self-critical note: The decision tree is pretty short for what it is. That would probably be the first thing I improve, if there’s positive feedback on the game as a whole.


Wow. I’d like to say that the ending is VERY satisifying to find. Here’s proof:

You are right, the decision tree is a bit small. However, the content that you do have is great and fleshed out with no typos and a fairly detailed overview of an abandoned Mars Station. Also, I love how fleshed out this is, with imput from the user and wonderful art. (It is a bit unrealistic to have enough oxygen to survive a space ship going from Earth to Mars, but the spaceship just might be in Mars’ Orbit.).


  • Shows Great Technical Prowess
  • Very Detailed
  • Clever Ending, if frustrating


  • plothole from the Supply Closet

  • Limited amount of decisions

Overall, 9/10.


Thank you for your feedback, Battlefrog!
I am delighted that you found the end satisfying. Could you elaborate a little bit why you found the ending annoying to find?

Not enough hints where to find the exit? Was the difficulty too high, i.e. oxygen too limited?

Don’t ask me how many times I played it until it was at the state it is now. But thank you for the compliment!

Maybe it isn’t fleshed out enough, after all. My idea was that something happened to the station some time after being deployed on Mars. I need to communicate that idea more clearly.

Regarding the plothole from the Supply Room, does that correspond to your previous point of the unclear oxygen situation?
If my intention was that the station generated enough oxygen (i.e. through the plants), but then something happened, which has the oxygen ventilation collapsing. Luckily the supply room has still some reserves.

If I can communicate this point more clearly, e.g. through additional choices and stages, would that fix your dissatisfaction with that part of the story?


Hey RoBo! Thanks for replying, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

I guess I didn’t find the ending annoying to find, more like ‘Ahh, I see now.’. Looking back at it now, that was a poor choice of wording. I’ll edit it.

No, I think that the ‘incident’ should be hinted at, and not directly told to the player. Therefore it’s part of the experience, piecing together what happened.

Oh I knew where the exit was. I figured out your map in about 5 mins, so I understood where to go and I figured thatthe keypad being there was up to something.

I believe that the difficulty of this game IS the oxygen, s I’ll talk about that. Oxygen was alright, I had JUST enough time to quickly go where the hint was, then run back to the supply room and type the code. So I do suppose you could decrease the oxygen use.


Oh, that clears up my thought of the story. I believed that the ‘incident’ happened like 6 hours later, and your character slept through it (Must be a heavy sleeper, heh)

Thanks for your questions!