Are you in the USA? If so where?


We may hold a live show / gamejam in the USA sometime. Which would you prefer?

  • New York area
  • San Francisco area
  • Texas

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Edit: OK, you rumbled us, we just want an excuse for a holiday :wink:


I’m in Montana


Massachusetts here.


If we were to do an event, where’s the easiest place for everyone to get to? East Coast? West Coast?


I think anyone can post a pin of their rough location on this page, let me know if it works. Might be easier than a whole bunch of posts!



East Coast best Coast!


East coast for me.


East coast would be hard for me to get to.


Minnesota here. Midwest would be best for me but i am not able to travel very much so i would most likely miss out on anything.


Ha, more like Ben wants a holiday in the States. :laughing:


I am in Central Wisconsin. Most likely the only way I would have a chance to attend is if it was somewhere in the Midwest. Minneapolis/Saint Paul is the closest large metro area to me.


I am in the Texas panhandle. I can get to either coast with the same amount of travel.


Vote away!