Are you done with the stairs? Share it here!

Hi everyone!

Share your progress here so it is easier for others to see. (Just need to roll down instead of clicking every topic one by one) :grinning:

Here is mine.:joy:
I finally managed to finish my stairs properly without a gaps at the top steps…
As My slope was not in 45 degree I had to align the vertice on the first step to the slope edge, and for some reason it didn’t snap properly. So it was always really close but not yet in the right place, so as the stairs went higher the gap increased. Fortunately I managed to align them properly at the end. So here is how it looks like.

@Shairin I like how you tapered in the concentric sections.

Mine was a bit steeper than 45 degrees…not sure how that happened when I used the keyboard for insetting and extruding…I must have dragged something askew along the way. I should have tried snapping to edge to create the single stair, but I ended up determining the slope by selecting a few vertices noting the X,Y,Z positions. I made some calculations for step depth and height and entered it manually…I may go back and try it with snapping.

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