Applying transforms problems

Hello Everybody! My problem is that, I watched the video couple of times and I still don’t feel secure with applying transforms, maybe I didn’t understand properly but as I understand if we change the location scale and the rotation of the objects in object mode, this may not give the proper result that we wanted , so where we gonna change them? I am really confused… Also after the video I cleared my pyramids location rotation and scale and I get terrible results at the end…

From what I understood, it’s important for setting the items location for future renders, or importing into different programs. The problems that he was talking about was the items origin would still be at 0,0,0 if you set the object to be somewhere else. That causes problems with moving it around. You can reset your objects origin by going into Object mode, selecting the object that you have applied transformations to and set the origin to geometry. That should fix any weird movement issues that you may have. Set Origin is in the toolbox on the left side of the screen. I hope that answers your question and makes sense!

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Hello! Thank you for your reply, you really help me to understand better. I really appreciate your answer, now I feel much better :slight_smile: again, thank you

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