Applying Materials

Hello guys.When we apply a material on a wall,the material applies to the entire wall.I wish to know if there is any possibility to have a different material on each side of a wall.Thanks.

Not really without going into advanced features.

Thanks for the response.I actually found an easy way to apply different textures on different sides of a wall.You can choose a box brush from the Geometry tab from the Modes window.After you resize the box at the desired sizes you can then apply any kind of material on a single wall side.And if you want to make a window or a door frame in that wall you have to make another box brush or duplicate your existing wall and resize it after a normal window or a door frame,put it into your actual wall like you would put a frame and then select the Subtractive brush type in the Brush Settings tab from the Details window.I hope that someone might find this helpful.And here is a screenshot from my ‘Building Escape’ project :slight_smile: !!

Awesome. I didn’t know that.

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