Append rigify character to other file - how to?

I am stuck at something that should be really simple. I want to copy character to a different file. I used rigify to rig it and pose it and ideally I would like to preserve the rig. Is this possible?

Right now I tried a few things, and for example when i append a collection where all rigify-related thigs are I get strange results:

I.e., I don’t get Rig Layers, and this is how my pose mode looks in the original file:

rig and mesh are two completely different data sources. You need to copy them both.
Or -what I do- dulplicate blend file.


Yes, I’m copying it too… I even tried to append everything from the file and rigify layers didn’t come through (the rig and mesh are coming through, just not the extra things that rigify adds)… Now I think might be something related to some running scripts.

I might have hit some kind of obscure edge case ^^. Though I’ll leave this question open for now, maybe someone with rigify experience can chime in. Or maybe when I actually get to the animation part of Chracter course (I see that Grant made at least one video about rigify) I’ll learn how to deal with it and will drop the answer here…


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