Anyone Tried a Game Jam?

Never thought of getting involved with any game jam, as theres not alot of anything up here in the faaar north of the Scottish Highlands :slight_smile:

Well, I signed up for One Game A Month Game a few weeks back.
See if I can get one small game created every month and get it online in the limited spare time I have between work and home.

Just finished my first attempt, bit sketchy but it works.
Just a clone of snake, but i Did find theres quite alot in there to learn, coroutines, Lists and Queues and using Audacity to snip and create audio loops so the journey was quite an enlightening one :slight_smile:

As mentioned in a previous thread for sharing GIT repos, ill be uploading it and all others I get built down the line, once I figure out GitKracken as sourcetree is unusable with my current Win 7 setup.

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This is really good… nice game… will have a few more goes… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Best score - 52! Made me wonder, as I had about a third+ of the screen filled with snake, using the up/down method to fill the space, do you cover a scenario when he just can’t get any bigger? Do you win at that point, or lose because you collided?

Cheers for having a go Rob :slight_smile:

I had to get a working build ready for the end of the month to get it on 1gameamonth and had to stop somewhere and Im away back to a work meeting all day tomorrow. so currently its just go till you get too big and die sorry :frowning:

But, I do have a yellow pill sprite ready to go, was thinking about adding it in to reduce the bodypart count, and as im using an event in a coroutine to fire at a certain tickrate I can lower that down too, with the same yellow pill or a clock sprite or something, alot of room for improvement.

Another little bit in there, I have a coroutine that watches the audioclip that plays in the main menu to game transition, so when that ends it then changes to the main game uptempo loop, so there is a visible pause in some ocassions before the player starts moving at the same time as the main game loop music.

the plan is, at somepoint next week, if I can get time before starting Augusts game, is to play with the audio, the main loop is 110bpm and 44100 frequency. so using the audio.samplepoint I can move based on the tempo/frequency of the audio. and when the player eats an apple, up the pitch of the audio and the movement tick based on that too, so the player and tempo is in sync. its one of them things after playing games like beatbuddy that I thought was interesting to try and implement. might just go for something incorporating that in Augusts game as i think that will be a whole months learning just doing that lol.

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It’s been really good fun, have been playing it since I posted :slight_smile:

65 is my current highest score, filling about half of the play space now :smiley:

I don’t honestly know what the original game did, I would have thought if you could go all the way, and it would take a lot of doing, but if you go so big that the only places the new pills could go were directly in front of you, eventually you’d get the last pill and there wouldn’t be anywhere else to go… feels like that’s such an achievement it should be a “win” moment! :smiley:

One minor thing I did notice, and maybe it’s to do with what you mentioned about the game speed/audio etc… it seems at the beginning to be less responsive to key presses, as the snake gets faster it seems more responsive. It meant that on a couple of games although it was going really slowly, I actually hit the wall… :slight_smile:


Just got my reptilian arse handed to me, but scored 80… gets very fast at this level! :slight_smile:

Another thought… you could always have so many out of so many pills etc, e.g. each level has a certain number you have to collect, on achieving that number, the next level loads, the snake is returned to it’s original size and you go again… you could then insert some obstacles into the play space too to make it more challenging :slight_smile:

Loving it though, really nicely done… :slight_smile:

Phew, just managed to finish this months Game for @OneGameAmonth

SImple Asteroids clone, theres heaps that ive left out and didnt have time to fit in, but its in a working state.
(audio isnt great, didnt have time to make anything up)

I was hoping to get a roving enemy in there too that would shoot at you, but again, ran out of time :frowning:


Looking really good - well done… gunna have a play! :slight_smile:

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