Anyone know what's going on?

So to get the noise out of this frame I upped the samples from 800 to 10 000 and now I have this weird dark patch in the render and I have no idea why. It’s never done this at 10 000 samples before, does anyone know how to fix it?

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Normally that would be caused by normals (haha?) but you said it renders fine at 800?
Have you tried rendering at lower samples but above 800 to see where the problem occurs?
Not something i have come accross personally but its what i would do to test it.

Let me know how it gets on and if we need to take a closer look.

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Here’s a render of a few frames later at 800. The dark patch is in a different spot, and it moved again in the next frame that started rendering. Now I’m suspecting it might be my graphics card. Going to try a render with the cpu and put it up to 1000 samples.

That was my initial guess as well that the graphics card is breaking down under load but its not something i have encountered before.
Might be worth benchmarking your GPU (3dmark05 or later if you have a better card) would be best i think. Then you can compare it to other card scores and see if yours compares.
Hopefully CPU rendering (If its not too slow) will eliminate the black spots and we will get a definitive answer from that too.

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The CPU render came out well. Ran multiple benchmarks. The card was running at 150 out of 1500 :open_mouth: Not too surprising, I figured it was going, I’m actually surprised it lasted this long. :sweat_smile: The benchmark seems to have kicked it back to 1500 though, but the fans can’t keep up. The rig was built to run SFM, I knew when I started the course it wasn’t good enough and would have to be re-built someday. I guess that day is here. :relieved:


Glad we could figure out what the cause was. I would see if you can borrow a graphics card to test before purchasing but if you were planning at some point to upgrade then nows a good time.
I had a similar issue when i started doing terrain in Unreal as my old GTX 660 droped from 160 fps to 1fps lol.
You are not alone :slight_smile:

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