Anyone know how to solve this error?

Everything worked just fine last night when I got off. None of these problems began occurring until this morning when I logged back on.


I’ve tried the following:

  1. Rebuilding in VSCode
  2. Live Coding in UE5
  3. Generating new project files

Turn off Live Coding.
Clear the binaries folder.
Rebuild again.

Did you upgrade your Visual Studio - you may also need to update the engine - ensure you’re on 5.0.2

Thank you and yes I was on 5.0.2. I managed to make it back into the project. Then I turned back on live coding. I am having a new problem now. It seems as if none of the scripts created are working in the project.

I keep getting these errors highlighted in the output log/blueprints:

At a guess, there’s an issue with the parent class.