Another Lamp Animation

Here is my lamp animation, bit sad the lamp didn’t shine the floor but my computer is very slow, took 4 hours to do 3 seconds or so with sampling only at 120 so this is the best I have time for. The light usually ended up looking like specks on the floor anyway. Yes, the tiles were 16x16 and it used CPU as I have no dedicated graphics.

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I rather gave up on the lamp animation but, did a great job!

Why did you give up? I deleted and started again 3/4 times, because it kept going wrong and it wasn’t obvious how to delete bits you’ve done. I did a lot of overwriting keyframes which I’d created, to get it looking ok. I just made the final one less ambitious. Though I did find Alt-I while hovering in the viewport and ‘Delete Keyframe’ which was handy but was very manual, you have to remember what it is you put the animation on, thankfully most was the base or the end joint. I just pushed through it and got a video together.

The main burden for me was my painfully slow processing power.

I had to redo my lamp from the beginning cause I had rigging issues and didn’t quite understand using curves. I gave up all together on creating the animation. I understand the process but, just wasn’t working for me so gave up on that portion of the lectures. I may go back after I finish the course and redo that section but, if I don’t, I still know lots more about Blender than I did. :slight_smile: It’s all good in my opinion.

Yes, slow processing power is really annoying. Mine does a pretty good job but is still frustratingly slow when it comes to rendering a scene. But, don’t let that stop you, you do great work with attention to detail is great!

AH yes the curves, I was confused about that as well! I went over that a few times before realising it was looking at the curve kind of from the top down. Or how it comes in by default (which ever plane has the curve in it). Rotating it etc actually makes no difference. Seemed odd though I would have expected the bezier curve to be added to teh scene in an uipright position but it comes in flat with the curve slithering like a snake on the grid.

Shame you gave up but I understand why, I had a few close moments.

LOL, I just gave up on the animation portion and moved on into the Fluffy Bunny Section. Sometimes, you have to know when your defeated and move on. I will go back later and try again though.

Good, hope you do!

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