Another "Homework" model

Still modeling non Lecture/Class stuff as homework to get used to using Blender
A nice Picture Frame for Opensim comes in at at 1Li/Prim item cost

Prim is an base shape of an geometric object, in Second Life and Opensim,
in such virtual simulators of creation space, you have limits to how many prims
you can place on land you own/have to keep LAG down.
When Opensim/SL started using Mesh prim counts turned to Land Impact or Li.
A Mesh being nice quality but only having a Li of 1 is useful as the smallest land plot
has generally only 117 Li/prims allowed.
Also by measuring in at 1Li I know it makes a good game/video object due to low
render cost/time.


I love this, thanks for sharing. Are they relatives in the photo?

No that is my Wife and I, we were dressed period for a reenactment in Indiana for the French/Indian Wars last year.

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Wow, that’s a neat idea, looks good :slight_smile:

Really nice, I can see that as a prop in the house of What Remains of Edith Finch.

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