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Currently, Im still doing “Complete Blender Creator” course on Udemy and I’ve been enjoying it so far. Im still in section 3 (poly dinosaur), so I still got lots of learning to do before I can reach the animation section.

I really like animated movies and it would be nice if you guys have a course available for that. Im looking for a course that teaches animation only from basic to advance and maybe another separate course in teaching how to polished raw animation into cinematic scene. Hopefully, this is something you guys consider for doing in the future.

In the old 2.8 version of this course, but difficult to access (it should be there, but hard to find). There was a chapter, about animation. Not only about Blender but also techniques and the process of animation (12 steps Disney).
But I see also students showing their work of a walking TV-Man, so there a course OR it’s part of this Complete Blender course? (I don’t know, I did this course in 2016, much has changed since)

There is some overlap in the GameDev courses. Like the Orc sculpt ending with making him walk. But the courses I did, with some animation, handle only the basics of animation.
The most important Blender asset is the NLA-Editor, which is difficult to understand. Isn’t explained very well, because the animations are simple and have no real need for the NLA-editor understanding.

Also, Blender changes internally, to support a better animation workflow. For example, the armature posing data is more integrated with the use of the NLA editor.

One video I recently saw was - Not too difficult, I think. But be patient and follow the GameDev course, to do animations you need other Blender skills too. Otherwise, ask here!

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There are bits of animation put into several courses.

However, it is a very tricky specialised area and I suspect a very small area of deeper interest. Most think adding a dance move from Mixamo is it, done.

In a few years, things may be different. Ai is beginning to aid animation, and Blender has a forward looking belief to make it much more simple and more intuitive. Things like motion capture will hopefully get ever better and not need special equipment too.

Time while waiting for you to get the normal Blender under your belt. :grin:


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