An Introduction

Hey, Im Entonio :slight_smile: Im new here. Started Today

Welcome, which course(s) are you doing?

Hey thanks for replying :). I’m taking the unreal engine coding course.

How about you?

welcome to the community ento :slight_smile:
for me, i’m currently working on my very first project out side of the course side projects, and what i have completed is the Unity Developer course :slight_smile: .

Nice. Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking :slight_smile: I’m subbed to the Unity, Unity VR and Unity Certification courses though I’m jumping around and not doing them linearly.

Haha best and only way I know how :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone

Just started with the Unreal Coding course. Been keen to learn coding for my own pet projects. I really enjoy learning new things and look forward to contributing in this forum.

Hi Scarface, I’m also from the unreal Udemy course, and I also liked to create stuff. Although most of the stuff I ever did, did not half the time function, or just were stupid.

I think why I decided to do unreal, is because it’s very powerful, and it uses c++, which is what valve uses on their engine, and because my dream job would probably be a valve.

Hi Keulaid

The course is great and very informative. I worked through the C++ part and
have yet to move further as I have my own business to run however you’ll
get the structure and information you require to be successful.

Good luck!

Kind regards
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