AMD Ryzen 7 1700, Radeon R9 390

After a few hours back and forth:

Between 64x64 and 256x256 tiles the difference was nearly nothing.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @3750 MHz:
Best time was 6:15 at 1920x1080 100%, Tiles 8x8
Temp went up to 91° celsius with boxed cooler.

AMD Radeon R9 390:
Best time was 5:10 at 1920x1080 100%, Tiles 1920x1080,Progressive Refine off
as expected, cpu didnt work at all, but of course i had a black screen until it was finished.
With progressive refine on, it took about 7:20, which is similar to the regular times between 64x64 and 256x256.

So in my case i guess GPU is still better choice (worried that my cpu shuts down on bigger projects), and probably start progressive refine on, or lower res to see the outcome, and for the higher quality just go picture size and walk away from my pc.

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