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@ben = BulldogBen
@Gemini = Asane
@okilydokily1 = Ashmoshian

Altspace shows how VR can create a feeling similar to being with a number of people. It also has some stark limitations. I’m really shy so I haven’t gotten to talk about it as much. I hate it as much as I like it. People can be rude and sometimes the behavior cringeworthy. Yet there are moments when you can say; this is pretty cool. this is the coolest thing in VR. The truth is that it often feels much more like a 90s style VR chat room than the dream of the metaverse.

Let me get on soapbox and go off topic.

Just like the web evolved particular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter the question for VR is how to make online group communication useful, interesting, fun, and where you quickly connect with new people and form new groups that can do meaningful things. Such as making people feel involved in process of drafting legislation. Real activism. And genuinely new democratic institutions that are involved in creating a process in which that legislation is debated upon and meaningfully communicated to the public. I think VR more than anything else can make something like that feel more present, more engaged and participatory, and feel more fun in the process. I don’t just want to focus on something serious like legislation. Is it crazy to imagine children suddenly becoming quite precocious as they figure out how to use calculus and physics to blow up their classmates or utilize leadership skills to commandeer the team that is creating those rockets? Perhaps only a little. Ok Calculus is serious but really anything a group can do or just hang out.

I actually rather suspect this metaverse will begin with the 2D web. There is much to be done to make the web/online gaming, as it is now more usefully and gracefully collaborative. They say the web is a metaverse but it is not a real time metaverse yet, and I think it could be. I can’t easily friend somebody in WoW and engage that person in another game space. .I can’t easily get somebody to see my code as I am writing it on a difficult Unreal challenge. They can be done, but they can be done much more easily and in a way that is more inviting. A big problem is that multiplayer is still not as common as it could be. So we need to be looking forward to that.

There are many ways in which VR can’t replace 2D screens for productivity and communication. Some people would rather use GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts even though they are currently limited in so many ways. I can’t entirely imagine Second Life or WoW working in VR in the same way it works on a flat screen. And even basic meetings are a challenge. I don’t quite think it will be like how Altspace integrates with slack;which I suspect wont cause a magical productivity boost.

How does VR augment a real time 2D metaverse and make it a million times better? If it is not entirely about its unique functionality? Though it does have some important social functions. This article explains them well.

Well to answer that question, what I was saying earlier about it allowing mutual “presence,.and allowing people to feel more engaged and have a sense of participation and how that can all add up to something that can feel incredibly"fun”. And that is one reason I don’t think we should think of games and serious social/meaningful VR as two different things. Gaming is getting pretty deep in our culture and its becoming no different than playing frisbee in the park or playing pool or going hiking or mountain climbing. The fun aspect of VR is its ultimate draw and it brings people into various streams in which people can find themselves suddenly and without obvious planning. To think that what was once only a game, and its self created democratic rules, could become the basis of a whole different society.

edits. some grammar, punctuation but also changing some sentences to make my points better.

Been really loving Altspace on my Rift. Wish it had Oculus Touch support since I really want to try ours out in game. Would love to chat with some folks here like @ben and @okilydokily1 virtually!

I would like to try that too, I’ll grab the game and let you know when I have it. Thanks for the idea.

Wow, it’s AWESOME!

I’m BulldogBen in there, what are your handles?

My username is Asane. Hope to see you guys soon virtually.

If you have the Leap Motion it’s even more fun! Lol

Awesome, I’ve just ordered a Leap Motion. @Gemini and @okilydokily1 what’s your handle?

@ben My handle in Altspace is Asane!

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My handle is Ashmoshian.

I’ll add you all and hop-on tonight, I’ll be in the welcome lounge at 7PM UK time, convert to your time here.

Hopping in now, I’ll wait 1/2 hour to see if any of you come in. Thinking @okilydokily1 and @Gemini.

I’ve also made this post a wiki so anyone else can add their usernames.

Nobody else there for this one. @moderators and @staff note you can join in in 2D with PC on monitor, just get AltSpaceVR from Steam. Let’s do another one sometime, would be good to chat to you all.

Just got home and logged in. lol Just missed it. We definitely have to set up some meeting times.

Shucks missed it. Hopefully next time.

When’s the best time for you guys, in UK time?

Altspace isn’t available on the Mac unfortunately- probably something to do with the VR part of it and the fact no Mac can VR :slight_smile:

No PC anymore?

@ben @okilydokily1 @sampattuzzi Anyone getting on altspace later? I’ll be hopping on for the US Presidential Debate viewing they’ll be having. Should be in about an hour.

Should be 12:09 PM UTC

I’ll look to see you there. Last time my Gear VR crashed while in the special room they created for the election coverage.

Will install this and see what it is!

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