Almost as real

After finishing Fluffy bunny lecture, I went to little break from course. And got myself a deadly challenge…model a sword,
an axe and ak 47… Ak 47 was most challenging, did try adding textures, but could not find right one so I used materials and it looks good. Sword was first to model, and the first I was adding textures to it, did learned a lot how to use image editor and unwrapping. Axe was much more harder to do, idea was adding ornaments on axe blade. And It was quite a challenge, first find it on internet, edit in illustrator to get SVG format, then get 3d model in blender. Original ornaments on both side of axe blade have around half a million triangles…so my computer got in lot of trouble. So I had to re-design, and then I found new problem, how to add ornament on blade,which is curved…did succeed in the end but was not happy 100 %. So if someone knows more about that part, please let me know.


This looks really Awesome! Well Done!!

Thanks a Lot !!

Come back to the Axe after section 7(?). You will learn a lot that can help with your Axe Issue…

Looks good by the way

love the battle axe, all 3 are great though

Those look awesome, great job! I am just starting the course today and very excited to get into it and learn how to use blender!

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